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Carrie's Kitchen Challenge

Kitchen Challenge – 1/24 White Bean Chicken Chili and Kale Chips

Hello cookers!

Since I missed doing a post last week due to an icky bout of the stomach flu – I decided to go for two this week.

The first recipe I tried out was the White Bean Chicken Chili from the Chobani Kitchen and was full of substitutions and changes. The women in my family are notorious for “tweeking” a recipe as they go along. I took out the ground pepper (because I

TIP - mix your spices in a small dish before adding to the pan

was out), doubled the garlic (because I like it stinky 😉 ), skipped the green chilies (just because) changed the optional heavy cream to 1% milk and swapped butter beans for the cannellini (because I didn’t read the label on the can). All in all, it turned out DEE-liscious!



With this recipe,  I encountered my first “Carrie Moment” of the #KitchenChallenge, I had a little incident with the can opener and very nearly put a gash in my finger. Don’t be like me – use a safe and Spoonie friendly can opener whenever possible!

For my second recipe, I wanted to go with something easy to prepare. I chose to play with the hip, hot, happening superfood – Kale. I have heard both wonderful and horrible things about Kale Chips and wanted to try them out myself. The process to make them is super simple. It is tear, season, bake… and the seasoning list I was given in the recipe (I added garlic to this too.. shocking) was delish. The chips however…. I doubt I will make a return appearance in my kitchen. I think my problem with the kale chip was similar to my issue with tomatoes. Texture. They looked like green, crispy goodness when I put them on my plate, but when I took a bite… Have you ever had a bonfire where you used newspaper as a fire starter and the charred bits are left in the fire pit after things burn down? That.

Thankfully, I only used half my bunch of kale in the chips and the rest made a tasty salad mixin’. I do wish I would have saved some to make a green smoothie….

I also made cornbread to go with, but it was out of a box. A quick note on that… Whenever possible, I like to do my baking in  a “Black Forrest Cake” pan that way, every piece has edge bits!

How about you?

Do you improvise or follow recipes to the letter?

Do you have a recipe that just didn’t work out?


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3 thoughts on “Kitchen Challenge – 1/24 White Bean Chicken Chili and Kale Chips

  1. I have the same tomato texture issue too!! So funny. That chili sounds delicious! Its added to my ‘try’ list! How long did it take you?

    Posted by peachypains | January 24, 2012, 8:39 pm
  2. Oh happy day!! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check it out!! 🙂 http://wp.me/p1tFyD-iF

    Posted by peachypains | February 9, 2012, 10:14 pm

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